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Who we are

We are tropical fresh fruit importers and distributers

into The European matket since 2003.

Rosa International is a company that imports and distributes fruits from all over the world. The company exports on a global level to wholesalers, retailers and specialty stores. The entire import and distribution takes place in Ridderkerk, Netherlands.

​We originate our products basically from South America, chiefly Brazil a our main products are: Mangos, Limes, Avocado, Ginger, Papaya  and Sweet Potato.


Being on the market for 17 years, our goal is to provide the best quality fruits to our clients.

The company guarantees high standards and safety through having the required certifications according to global specifications (i.e. IFS, G.A.P, GRASP, HACCP, Fairtrade and many more).


Consequently, Rosa aims to have the best and freshest fruit on the market, that is why the Rosa team controls every step in the supply chain until the product is delivered to the final costumer. 


Rosa International pursues for best quality, best product and best service.

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